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Introduction to the C programming language

C is a rather "ancient" programming language, it was formed in the early 70's. Despite this, C is a living language in the sense that it is actively used today. It was invented, was used and is used to write portions of program code for Unix-like operating systems. It is also used to write utilities, compilers and, less frequently, application programs. That's why C is called the system programming language.

Its survivability can be explained by the fact that the operating systems operating principles are relatively universal, they are not subject to the progress and diversity which can be observed in the desktop and mobile software environment, Web-applications. C is not a sufficiently high-level language, it is closer to the architecture of the computer. As a result, C programs are faster.

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C in its pure form does not support object-oriented programming (although there is a library which emulates OOP features). Support for OOP is implemented in C++. Although the latter appeared on the basis of C, it is not its "continuation" but a separate language which can be studied without knowing C. Nevertheless, learning C is useful before getting acquainted with its "advanced little brother" because the syntax is similar, C does not overload a beginning programmer's brain with superpowers and accustoms to understanding of the matter.

Is C suitable for the first acquaintance with programming? If you're not studying at university on the specialty associated with IT, no. C involves understanding the organization and operation of hardware, in particular, memory. Much is done with pointers, they play a key role; it's a difficult topic to understand and usually not taught at school.

Of course, it is possible to learn the basics of programming with C and not learn about pointers. However, one will think he knows C without knowing much about it in fact. The C language was created by professional programmers who know about the hardware, to write the UNIX operating system. It was not meant to be a language for training beginners.

C programming environments and compilers
If you run one of the GNU/Linux distributions, any syntax highlighted text editor will do, and you also need GCC and a terminal.

Editor and terminal for C programming
There are some editors for programmers that include different add-ons, including a terminal, a directory viewer, etc. For example, Geany or Atom.

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